A passionate osteopathic practitioner with over ten years of experience, also trained in yoga. With a touch of color ‘à la française’ added to my practice, I guide you towards well-being by offering a unique and personalized care, adapted to your needs. If you are seeking strategies to rebalance your body, relieve your pains, or if you wish to have tools to strenghten your body awareness, interpret its messages, optimize your health, and thus improve your quality of life ; then I warmly invite you to explore my universe.

I am Marine


Welcome to your Wellnest, haven of wellness, where, inspired by the hummingbird, we celebrate transformation through movement, harmony, and vitality.

“Spread your wings and let your spirit soar.”

Dear hummingbirds

I look after you at every stage of life, from maternity to the first days of your baby, through the development of your children up to the support of the elderly.

My practice, gentle and tailored, is based on years of experience and a deep understanding of the human body to promote movement and optimize your physiological functions while calming your nervous system.

“A body free from tension and fatigue allows you to face all the complexities of life.”

Osteopathy is for you


Life is movement, and movement is life. In my practice, I combine the precision of osteopathy with the mindfulness essence of yoga for a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

I carefully integrate breathing, posture, and other key elements to promote natural balance and mind-body harmony.

“Turn your attention inward and let your body speak.”

The Inner Journey


"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."


My values

"True care is woven from attentive presence and pure intentions."


"Empathy is the path of the heart, kindness its journey, and intuition its guide."


love notes



My children and I have been fortunate to have Marine as an Osteopath for the past 10 years, to help us with our injuries and muscle ailments, all with attention, kindness and delicacy. A huge thank you for these wonderful years.


I have been consulting Marine for about ten years. First for chronic lower back pain from which I had always suffered, but from which she completely cured me. Then as a onetime refresher both physical and moral; because in addition to having golden hands that read you, Marine listens as deeply as it is sincere and her advice is as precious as her treatments. Thank you for changing my life dear Marine.


Marine came into my life by referral to treat my daughter who was born urgently as a result of COVID at 37 weeks pregnant. She has been with us not only during appointments, but between appointments at all times, to help me help my little Esmee find relief in all of her stuck little body. I was soothed by her approach, her gentleness, her desire to always find more to help my daughter and our breastfeeding. She has made a big difference in our lives and of all the specialists my baby has seen, Marine is the one who has helped us the most. I recommend it for every little baby in need!


Amazing French osteopath in Vancouver, I highly recommend Marine for her professionalism. There is a saying in French : « avoir la main sur le coeur ». Meaning : to give, to help and be present for others. Marine a « la main sur le coeur », is « openhanded » If your body is talking to you, through some pain, Marine will do what she can to help you, she speaks that language. Merci Marine!


I started seeing Marine at the age of 17 following an injury during a martial arts competition. Then I had a follow-up for 12 years with her. With my job as a police officer, she helped me a lot with my hip strains and with several stress-related problems. I was also lucky that she followed me during the beginning of my pregnancy. She is 100% accessible and listens to her patients. Her approach is adapted to her patients. I have loved her services for over 12 years. I recommend her without hesitation.


My wife and I have been consulting in osteopathy for many years and have been fortunate to be treated by excellent osteopaths. Marine is by far the best we’ve had. We are privileged to have been able to benefit from her exceptional care and I can only strongly recommend her. She’s just in a class of her own.


Marine is simply the best. Her knowledge, kindness, listening skills, loving and soft energy are amazing, I loved her approch and left the session feeling way better in my body and with more space. We can see that she is passionate by what she's doing and truly dedicated to improve the well being of her patients, during but also after the session. I can't recommend her enough, we all need her gifts to feel better physically and mentally. Thank you Marine for the heart you put in your work !


Marine is amazing . When I first met her I was going through so much at the time ., so much stress and pain too. I’ve been to many different massage and chiropractic services . But have never been so impressed , relieved of pain, that with that first appointment with her it has changed my body and pain. Marine is always to ask questions of any pain , medical history and any info about my pain and what is happening so that she can narrow down the hat she needs to focus on for my treatment. My husband loves her too! No other treatment has ever helped him until he started seeing Marine . This family is so happy to have met Marine !


I have been going to osteopath appointments with Marine for about 12 years. I cannot express how knowledgeable, professional and caring she is. There was never a time where I felt I did not get her absolute best. No matter your size or gender she will be able to help you. I am 6ft2 and over 300lbs for reference. I am 100% sure that if you go see her you will leave feeling so much better than you came in and that annoying pain in your back or leg or neck will miraculously be gone. I don't promise it will be painless, but if you follow her advice and recommendations for preventing the pain to come back, then you will see as time goes on it will happen less and less often. In summary she is amazing and you will not regret coming to see her!!!


Most exceptional. In these days of our Western Medical system coming up against such difficulty, it is so marvelous to have educated, thorough, intuitive and examined care. Thank you Marine. You are a gift.


Marine is a top professional, very knowledgeable of body health related subjects to identify issues and treat them above and beyond. She is an exceptional person who really cares about my medical condition, doing everything she can to help. She was recommended to me by another patient and I feel very lucky to have met her. She is the best osteopath I could ask for, having tried a couple before. Aside from being an excellent osteopath, she is conscientious and a truly compassionate person. Thank you very much Marine for all your help which is much appreciated.


Marine is a blessing for both her professional and her personal qualities. Her passion for her profession is unequalled, especially when it comes to treating women during pregnancy and postpartum, and treating their babies. And if you happen to give it a try and experience one session with her, you will also realize that her personality is an absolute sunshine. I am grateful I had the chance to find her.


To be honest I didn’t even know what an osteopath did but Marine was recommended by my RMT. My first session was good but my second session made me a believer. Marine has been awesome, very detailed, honest and keeps the sessions interesting. Highly recommended her if you’re looking for an osteopath!


I started seeing Marine for back pain during my pregnancy and I found the experience very helpful both physically and mentally. Marine provided great insight on how the body goes through pregnancy that made me feel calmer and more prepared to handle the changes to my body. Marine’s experience and skill was also key to rebuilding strength in the right areas after giving birth. I also started bringing my newborn for treatments which help with colic, improved his sleep, and a great resource for improving and tracking his physical development. An experience I recommended to all new moms. Thanks Marine!


I started treatment with Marine 10 years ago. She seems to know exactly where my current problem is, even without advance complaint. She has helped me overcome a childhood injury from over 40 years ago.. Traditional medicine did as much as they could, but I was left with residual pain. She continues to help for my chronic back pain and even my acid reflux. She shows a genuine interest in you and your well-being, and is thoughtful and understanding. Honestly, I can't say enough...She has helped me tremendously. I have never hesitated and will continue to recommend her to family, friends and coworkers.


Marine is a very good osteopath for me and my daughter. She is patient, professional and attentive to our concerns. I recommend her to everyone. A real rare pearl.


Its almost like she can perform magic with fairy dust. So much energy and skill.


Every body has a unique story, my hands are listening to yours.

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